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August 22, 2017 0 comments


Despite overwhelmingly positive reviews of “Take Me” — and the growing anticipation for their forthcoming EP — there’s still such a focus on the Aly and AJ of then. And understandably so. “I think the one thing I was a little surprised by was that there was no negative [response],” AJ says. “You’re always going to get people who are like, ‘I don’t get this,’ ‘I miss the old Aly & AJ,’ or, ‘This doesn’t sound like them!’ I was a little surprised that so many people were this accepting of [our] music 10 years later. It’s really resonated with people.

“People have been coming up to us a lot after seeing that we have new music coming out and they’ll be like, ‘Oh my gosh, you were my childhood,’” AJ says. “And it just makes me laugh, because, you know, we’re young ourselves. To be a part of someone’s past is so interesting and weird. We haven’t been around that long, but it has been long enough for people to grow up with us in a way that made a really big impact.”

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Refinery29 Refinery29 Refinery29 Refinery29

x008> Photoshoot > 2017 > Aly & AJ for Refinery 29

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August 21, 2017 0 comments

Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies Jim Jefferies Jim Jefferies Jim Jefferies

x012> Photoshoot > 2017 > Aly & AJ / Playboy ’17  (UHQ)

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June 6, 2017 0 comments

The Hero Premiere

AJ Michalka attends the Premiere Of ‘The Hero‘ at the Egyptian Theatre on June 5, 2017 in Hollywood, California. Check out high quality photos on the gallery links below.

The Hero Premiere The Hero Premiere The Hero Premiere The Hero Premiere

📎x027> EVENTS > 2017 > AJ Michalka at ‘The Hero’ Premiere

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May 24, 2017 0 comments

Wolk Morais Fashion Show

Aly & AJ Michalka at Wolk Morais Fashion Show:
On Monday, May 22, 2017 the critically acclaimed design duo Wolk Morais. It was created by Brian Wolk and Claude Morais. They staged their Collection 5 fashion show in Yamashiro. Hollywood’s portrayal of gender archetypes and antitypes laid the aesthetic foundation to build Collection 5. Aly & AJ Michalka attended the Wolk Morais Collection 5 Fashion Show.

Wolk Morais Fashion Show Wolk Morais Fashion Show Wolk Morais Fashion Show Wolk Morais Fashion Show

📎x076> Events > 2017 > Aly & AJ at Wolk Morais Collection 5 Show

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May 6, 2017 0 comments

Nashville Film Festival

Aly Michalka attended the 24th Annual Race To Erase MS Gala 2017 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on May 5, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. Aly said on Twitter “I’ve been going to Race to Erase MS since 2008 ⏤ They have my 💛”. Check out HQ‘s Photos on the Gallery!

Race To Erase MS Gala 2017 Race To Erase MS Gala 2017 Race To Erase MS Gala 2017 Race To Erase MS Gala 2017

📎x041 > EVENTS > 2017 > 24th Annual Race To Erase MS Gala


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