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May 16, 2017 0 comments

Aly & AJ Are Releasing New Music

It’s true! Aly & AJ are releasing New Music. The girls confirmed on Twitter that they picked the Cover Art (EP’s one), they finalized Mixes and chose the release date. Check out a preview of a well-made BuzzFeed‘s article about the duo written by Kristin Harris. Stay tuned for more info.

It’s been a trying time lately. But I’m here to bring you some uplifting news: the iconic ’00s duo Aly & AJ are BACK. I know, you’re like, “Um, they’ve been saying that for a long time now.” But listen up, THIS TIME IT’S REAL. Aly and AJ are back….and then revealed that soon, our pop goddesses Aly & AJ will rise from the dead. [BuzzFeed]

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May 5, 2017 2 comments

No Big Deal PR

No Big Deal PR: You heard it! Aly & AJ joins new PR firm called ‘No Big Deal PR’. NBD collaborates with artists such as Cheat Codes and Maggie Lindemann.

No Big Deal PR

ABOUT NBD: Lily Golightly started Golightly Media in September of 2012. She wanted to create a roster of diverse clients with quality music. Anna Stodart started work shortly. Together they built an amazing company that valued the quality of clients over quantity. They took their time working each campaign thoroughly. In April of 2017, five years after opening their doors, the ladies of Golightly Media decided to undergo a rebrand. Having established a track record in the music industry as a results-focused and competitive publicity firm, they wanted their brand identity to match the company ethos. “We have fun,” says founder Lily Golightly, “and you want a killer campaign that exceeds your expectations? You got it, No Big Deal”. SOURCE

Macgyver Macgyver Macgyver Macgyver

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April 26, 2017 2 comments


Aly & AJ: ” EP on the Horizon & It’ll  Be Worth The Wait “

Aly & AJ‘s last album, Insomniatic, was released back in 2007, then years later the duo started working on new music as ’78Violet’. They released a promotional single called “Hothouse”, which was released on digital retailers on July 8, 2013. The girls never officially released an album as ’78violet’ ⏤ while some of the songs recorded for the album were leaked online in 2016. Since then, the girls returned as their original band name Aly & AJ and continues to work on this music project.

Both girls are also involved with acting — with Aly Michalka starring on CW’s ‘iZombie’ and AJ Michalka also starring on ABC’s ‘The Goldbergs’ — but with summer coming up, Aly & AJ are working on finally releasing an EP really soon. Aly officially confirmed on @alyandaj official twitter, the duo is working on new music and planning to release an EP.

The not-yet-confirmed-titled (rumored to be self-titled) and highly awaited next music project by American pop duo Aly & AJ, formed by Alyson and Amanda Michalka is on its way! The Michalka sisters haven’t released music under ‘Aly & AJ’ for almost 10 years. So…

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April 22, 2017 0 comments


People Magazine drafted a list on Snapchat about “13 of the Most Epic Celebrity Sisters Collaborations of All Time“. Aly & AJ Michalka made it on the list inside the top 5.  The article, written by Julia Emmanuele, said: “Between ‘Potential Break up Song‘ (and all of the other Aly and AJ’s classics) and the Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Cow Belles’, we can’t think of any two celebrities whom we were more obsessed with”.

(Click on the thumbnails for full-size images)

“People” “People”

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March 7, 2017 0 comments

Aly & AJ spent 3 days at Joshua Tree National Park, which is located in southeastern California. They made a photoshoot during the weekend, which will be used to promote their upcoming new music during this year. That’s why Aly died her hair blonde! She said that this color will last just few months, because she has to turn brunette for iZombie S4 (probably, we don’t know that for sure yet!)

📎x013> Behind The Scenes > Aly and AJ at Joshua Tree National Park

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