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March 21, 2018 0 comments

Aly & AJ perform “Promises” from “Ten Years” EP on #NextUp 102.7KIISFM stage. The girls confirmed on the “Next Up KIISFM” Stage they have on plan to release a new single by May 2018. They also confirmed about the Tour starting in June (no tour dates available at the moment). They also said they’re recording a full-lenght album, keeping Ten Years’ sound. (click here for the full video-interview)


promises promises promises promises

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March 21, 2018 1 comment

aly and aj tour summer 2018

YAS! You heard it and it’s finally official! Aly & AJ recently confirmed they’re going on tour on June 2018 (as we actually know, only US dates). It’s been 8 years since they’ve been out the road, as Aly said on Instagram. Is it going to be called “Ten Years Tour“? We’ll keep you informated on this post when more informations come out! As for now we can’t be more excited about it and we’re looking forward tour dates. Stay tuned!

● When you’re planning a tour & it’s been 8 years since you’ve been out on the road #summer18 ⏤ Aly

● Who’s ready to hit the road with us in June? ⏤ Aly

● Tour dates coming soon ⏤ AJ

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March 2, 2018 0 comments

Aly and AJ Reddit

Hey there…this is our first ever Reddit Q&A! We love yoga, pilates, reading, writing music (of course) and snuggling with our pets while ordering food in. We have a deep love for Korean Day Spas and spending as many hours in our PJs as humanly possible. We support equality for all and the fight against racial injustice. Bring on the good conversations…

Aly AJ Reddit Aly AJ Reddit Aly AJ Reddit Aly AJ Reddit

● Reddit: Questions & Answers ●

Q: What genres do you want to experiment with going into your next album? Will it be inspired by the sound on Ten Years or are you guys willing to go in a different direction?”
A: Not changing directions in regards to sound. Don’t you worry

Q: Have you guys ever been asked to do a celebrity competition show like Dancing With The Stars or Celebrity Big Brother, and would you consider doing them?
A: We’d be down to do this. No joke, we literally just appeared on Celebrity Family Feud, we’ll let you guys know when it’s about to air. Meeting Steve Harvey was dope, he’s hilarious. Our dream is to actually perform on Dancing with the Stars as opposed to being on as dancing guests lol

Q: Would you like to work with Carly R. Jepsen?
A: We love the idea of working with Carly, her comeback record slayed us. Let’s start pushing this, we need your help!

Q: Did AJ really mail Joe Jonas a piece of her birthday cake or was that some Tiger Beat bullshit?
A: That’s a true story, oh the joys of being young and in love.

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March 1, 2018 0 comments

Interview Magazine

After ten years spent focusing on acting projects—Aly & AJ Michalka have released an EP, appropriately titled Ten Years. The four-song EP, led by single “Take Me,” is a floaty wisp of confectionary dream-pop. The siblings call their music “nostalgic,” but it also smacks of the now, with an ’80s synth style re-popularized by producers like Dev Hynes and Ariel Rechtshaid.

Despite successful acting careers, the press cycle around Ten Years has focused heavily on Aly and AJ’s early iteration. I ask if it is frustrating to keep discussing their teenage selves, to be asked to play old songs. “We have to do that for the fans, obviously…” says AJ to Interview Magazine. “I want them to play some of their music from the very beginning. So I think at the end of the day, we’re pretty great with it”.

The penultimate song of the EP, “Promises,” is a wistful breakup track that elucidates the paranoia of infidelity. Aly and AJ explained that the song has a secondary meaning: in the past they’ve promised new music to fans, only to delay its release. But there’s a line that stands out: “All this is is another big break, is another big break.” There’s a pause before they sing “of promises,” making the line about well, broken promises.


Interview Magazine Interview Magazine Interview Magazine Interview Magazine

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February 25, 2018 0 comments

Aly & AJ released ‘Take Me‘ as the first single off their brand new EP ‘Ten Years‘. The music video just reached 1 MILLION views on VEVO. The song also counts over 5.700,000 streams on Spotify.

Make sure to get ‘Ten Years EP’ on Apple Music and stream it on Youtube/Spotify/Tidal.

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