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March 2, 2018 0 comments

Aly and AJ Reddit

Hey there…this is our first ever Reddit Q&A! We love yoga, pilates, reading, writing music (of course) and snuggling with our pets while ordering food in. We have a deep love for Korean Day Spas and spending as many hours in our PJs as humanly possible. We support equality for all and the fight against racial injustice. Bring on the good conversations…

Aly AJ Reddit Aly AJ Reddit Aly AJ Reddit Aly AJ Reddit

● Reddit: Questions & Answers ●

Q: What genres do you want to experiment with going into your next album? Will it be inspired by the sound on Ten Years or are you guys willing to go in a different direction?”
A: Not changing directions in regards to sound. Don’t you worry

Q: Have you guys ever been asked to do a celebrity competition show like Dancing With The Stars or Celebrity Big Brother, and would you consider doing them?
A: We’d be down to do this. No joke, we literally just appeared on Celebrity Family Feud, we’ll let you guys know when it’s about to air. Meeting Steve Harvey was dope, he’s hilarious. Our dream is to actually perform on Dancing with the Stars as opposed to being on as dancing guests lol

Q: Would you like to work with Carly R. Jepsen?
A: We love the idea of working with Carly, her comeback record slayed us. Let’s start pushing this, we need your help!

Q: Did AJ really mail Joe Jonas a piece of her birthday cake or was that some Tiger Beat bullshit?
A: That’s a true story, oh the joys of being young and in love.

Q: I’m a huge huge fan of iZombie, what can we expect from season 4?
A: I’m still a human this season, haven’t turned zombie yet.

Q: What artists inspired your songs on Ten Years? I love the 80s vibes!
A: Bands like Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and Genesis inspired this 80’s sound for us.

Q: I loved your newest EP Ten Years. Do you plan to make more music like this in the future?
A: We are continuing to make new music so there’s a lot more to come.

Q: Do you guys have anything else planned for 2018?
A: We’re gonna tour this year! Details coming soon…we cannot wait!

Q: How did you get into doing Voice over work in steven universe for Stevonnie?
A: Thank you! This means a lot, working on Steven Universe has been so fulfilling for me as an actor. I read for casting years ago and the creator felt that my voice quality was the right representation for the role 🙂 Hard work and perseverance pay off! Takes a long time to book VO work

Q: Can we expect new music sometime this year?
A: YAS! Putting out another single by May

Q: AJ! I love you on the Goldbergs! You play Laney so well, your character development with Barry and Erica is amazing. I’m so glad you got featured more. I hope we keep getting more Laney!
A: Thanks! I love being on this show, it’s truly family for me. Shooting the finale of season 5 right now and the ending is sooooo good. Can’t spoil anything 😉

Q: Why is it aly and not ally?
A: Cuz our parents said so and one L is better than two!

Q: Were you happy with the fan/critical response to your new music??
A: We couldn’t have been happier with the responses!

Q: How do you feel about Lady Gaga?
A: LOVE! We really fell for her during her super bowl show!

Q: Would you all consider making a behind-the-scenes documentary of your next full-length album? 🙂
A: We’ve always contemplated this, the process is so personal that it’s made us question the idea of this however, we’re open to it if it’s done on our terms. We believe that you guys should be able to witness the process

Q: What’s one of your older projects that you wish more people had been exposed to?
A: We wish more people would see the film we produced and starred in together called “Weepah Way For Now”.

Full Q&A: Reddit/AlyAJ

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